Session 8

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12 August 2017 - 25 August 2017


Balcony twin (per person)Terrace triple (per person)1 week twin (per person)

Course details

Ashtanga yoga

Teachers: Radha and Pierre.
Ashtanga yoga classes are held from Sunday to Friday. Saturday is a free day.

There are NO Yoga classes on full-moon and new-moon (this does not apply to the other activities).

Silk Painting

Teacher: Lucinda Beatty

Taking inspiration from the Yoga Plus environment, create a unique silk scarf or sarong. The course will begin with drawing and painting from life and this work will form the basis of your design. I will demonstrate some simple dyeing techniques to create abstract patterns as well as using gutta to create more controlled designs. It may be that you opt for the more spontaneous approach and splatter paint on your length of silk, or build a detailed design that you work on over the two weeks; either way you will create a unique silk sarong to add to your holiday wardrobe! Please bring a length of silk to work on. I get the specialist crafts standard silk available on-line, but any light silk will work. Other materials will be available.



Teacher: Irene Miguel

Irene is a leading choreographer, performer and teacher with a background in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Yoga and Pilates. With 25 years of experience in dance and fitness she has developed her own training systems: “Danzalifestyle systems, the world’s first holistic approach to Salsa and Mambo” the systems include emphasis on musicality, improvisation, posture, breathing, flexibility and safety. She was the first international teacher to teach performance courses specially designed for congresses, giving the students the opportunity to perform alongside their favourite salsa stars.

Danzalifestyle Systems are simple and dynamic, ensuring that anyone can learn the content in their own way whilst still following a structured course. Danzalifestyle is about more than just developing each individual’s dancing – it inevitably provokes students to examine their lifestyle away from the dance floor in terms of their diet, stress levels and general outlook. These systems have helped all sorts of people to develop a more positive outlook on life, enhancing their self-image and perceptions of the world around them. What is more, it’s an inclusive system that is safe for any age or fitness levels.

Anna Ravkin with be offering Shiatsu massage throughout the season.

…Enkla, kravlösa och meningsfulla relationer med likasinnade och oliksinnade berikat min tillvaro med skratt och inspiration och är en ovärderlig del av Yoga Plus vistelsen.

— Dominique Prewitt