Session 7

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29 July 2017 - 11 August 2017


Balcony twin (per person)Terrace triple (per person)1 week twin (per person)

Course details

Ashtanga yoga

Teachers: Radha and Pierre.
Ashtanga yoga classes are held from Sunday to Friday. Saturday is a free day.

There are NO Yoga classes on full-moon and new-moon (this does not apply to the other activities).

Thai Massage

Teacher: Lucinda Beatty

Practise on fellow students to learn a massage sequence to offer friends and family and receive treatments from your fellow yogis as you learn. Thai massage is based on Hatha yoga postures and follows the Ten Sen, or energy lines in the body. These frequently correspond with the insertion points of muscles and when stimulated, through the application of pressure using the hands, feet and elbows, a deep sense of release is experienced. Each class will build on a series of movements to gradually include the whole body. This is a connecting course during which you will experience the benefits of the treatment as you learn.


Fun with Movement

Teacher: Frans Rozestraten

Movement as something to play with, learning to orientate the body in space with rhythm and timing. Frans’ work as a performer, based in Amsterdam, is a crossover of slapstick and street- theatre, with acrobatic movements. He also runs workshops for all types of people, prisoners, dancers, older and handicapped people, as well as children. His classes are accessible to all.

Anna Ravkin with be offering Shiatsu massage throughout the season.

Yoga Plus is one of those few places to which you return each year because of its unique blend of rugged beauty, convivial company, delicious vegetarian food and fantastic yoga teachers…

— Gill & Mike Foley