Session 5

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1 July 2017 - 14 July 2017


Balcony twin (per person)Terrace triple (per person)1 week twin (per person)

Course details

Ashtanga yoga

Teachers: Radha and Pierre.
Ashtanga yoga classes are held from Sunday to Friday. Saturday is a free day.

There are NO Yoga classes on full-moon and new-moon (this does not apply to the other activities).

Binocular Astronomy

Teacher: Jeremy Johns

Jeremy’s interest in astronomy was rekindled on his first visit to Yoga Plus over 10 years ago. Since then he has viewed skies all over the world using his trusty travel binoculars and loves to teach how effective this simple form of astronomy can be.

The course will focus on our ‘Summer Skies’ and their highlights. The exceptional clarity of the night skies over Agios Pavlos offer a wonderful opportunity to see just what the heavens have to offer at this time of year.

Suitable for complete beginners and enthusiasts alike, binocular astronomy is the perfect way to start exploring the stars. Jeremy will teach that, with just a few key points to navigate from, you’ll be able to take this skill away and enjoy the night skies wherever your travels take you.

Binoculars will be available for participants to share but please bring your own if you have some.

Breathing Bones

Teacher: Rosina Bonsu

Rosina trained as a teacher at Southlands College of Education Roehampton Institute and went on to attend London Contemporary Dance School. In 1984 she moved to Glasgow as the artistic director of Scottish Ballet Steps Out then in 1998 founded The Dance House, the national dance agency for Glasgow and the West of Scotland. Rosina is currently on staff at West College Scotland and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland teaching dance and movement.After many years of practice Rosina trained as a yoga teacher. She runs Rosina Bonsu Moves, teaching Yoga and Breathing Bones.

Breathing Bones is a series of relaxed postures and placements of the body. Together with the breath and gravity these aim to free the joints, release the muscles, realign the skeletal structure and balance the body.

Anna Ravkin with be offering Shiatsu massage throughout the season.

Yoga Plus Urlaub ist für mich der perfekte Urlaub: mein geliebtes Ashtanga Yoga mit Radha und Pierre als Herzstück mit vielen netten Menschen auf unterschiedlichen Yoga Leveln, immer inspirierend, ebenso die zusätzlichen Angebote(Art!) , die ich je nach Lust und Laune besuchen kann.

— Corinna Fussbach