Session 11

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23 September 2017 - 6 October 2017


Balcony twin (per person)Terrace triple (per person)1 week twin (per person)

Course details

Ashtanga yoga

Teachers: Radha and Pierre.
Ashtanga yoga classes are held from Sunday to Friday. Saturday is a free day.

There are NO Yoga classes on full-moon and new-moon (this does not apply to the other activities).

Alexander Technique

Teacher: Michael Hardwicke

The Alexander Technique is a process we can learn which allows us to be more natural in our movements. It helps us let our spines work well and our joints and organs have the space they need for good functioning. This is a practical method for changing the way we “use” ourselves in the activities of everyday life. It teaches you to use your body more efficiently, to have balance and poise with minimum tension and to avoid pain, stress and injury. The Technique is a method of consciously directing the way we move, thereby correcting and preventing the build up of muscular tension. You unlearn habitual responses and acquire a greater degree of choice.

Michael has been teaching the Technique to groups and individuals for over 25 years and is director of Alexander Teacher Training in Cumbria. He aims to make the discoveries of F.M. Alexander accessible to everyone in his classes. Michael teaches the Alexander Technique with Bernadette Riley at Yoga Plus. Michael and Berni regularly teach together and use movement, living anatomy, contact improvisation, releasing work, juggling and hands-on to reveal a more accurate sensory perception of the self.

Mike and Bernie

History of Crete

Teacher: Meirion Hughes

The History of Crete course will examine 4,000 years of Cretan history from the first recorded civilisation, the Minoans, through epochs dominated by ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Venetians, Turks and Nazis, to the present. It will consist of five group discussions and two trips to sites of historical interest. The proposed trips will run to Minoan Phaestos, Roman Gortys and Ottoman Rethymnon.

Dr Meirion Hughes has taught at university level as well as having published and broadcast on cultural history. His approach throughout will be relaxed and informal and the classes will be supported by visits to sites of interest (a small extra charge will be made to cover costs of visits).

Meirion Hughes

Anna Ravkin with be offering Shiatsu massage throughout the season.

…My time at Yoga Plus has become the most important weeks of the year for me. Here I develop physically and mentally, and fill up with energy and insights that lasts a long long time.

— Dominique Prewitt [translation]