Session 1

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13 May 2017 - 19 May 2017


Balcony twin (per person)Terrace triple (per person)1 week twin (per person)
£550/€645 (1 week)£450/€530 (1 week)

Course details

Ashtanga yoga

Teachers: Radha and Pierre.
Ashtanga yoga classes are held from Sunday to Friday. Saturday is a free day.

There are NO Yoga classes on full-moon and new-moon (this does not apply to the other activities).

Yoga Matters

Teacher: Radha

This will cover Guided Meditation techniques and healthy lifestyle.

Anna Ravkin with be offering Shiatsu massage throughout the season.

…I love Laini’s beginners’ classes and the sunset from my room. I actually can’t imagine my year without two weeks of Ashtanga at Agios Pavlos.

— Yvonna Demczynska