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Yoga Plus has been established in the bay of Agios Pavlos, in Crete, for over 20 years. It’s main focus has always been Ashtanga Yoga, but, over the years, many other mind and body related courses have been added to the programme to complement the Yoga.
The quality of teaching and the stunning environment are just some of the reasons to enjoy the Yoga Plus experience. Yoga novice or experienced practitioner, the teachers will guide and assist you. Yoga Plus has become multi cultural and multi-lingual with all nationalities coming together to share the same experiences. The whole concept of Yoga Plus is to be completely un-pressured and to provide the opportunity for you to relax and discover your full potential.
The bay and beyond are eminently explorable, with interesting rock formations and caves. There are miles of sandy beaches to walk along, with the promise of a taverna never too far away. Unmarked trails wind up to mountainous lookout spots. While the bay itself is generally sheltered and calm, the place is often described as elemental and the sometimes crazy winds take your breath away, while the waves curl or crash against the beaches. However, they die down as quickly as they arise so you don’t have to wait long for the normal, gentle breezes to resume.
Once here, there is very little to spend your euros on, apart from sun beds and a massage if you feel like it. All your meals and drinks are provided so you can truly relax and enjoy Yoga Plus and the surrounding nature.
Like our regular guests, we hope you will return year after year to enjoy, relax and discover…

Our aspiring yogis/staff, will be here again this year, to provide great food and look after you in their own very special way.

Som namnet antyder så är Yoga plus mycket mer än ett högkvalitativt ashtanga yoga retreat fantastisk mat i en makalöst vacker omgivning. Här har du fullständig frihet att fylla dagarna med det ena nöjet efter det andra, eller göra absolut ingenting…

— Dominique Prewitt